Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mickey: Rin Tin Tin He Wasn't

From the Sam Jones Interview
February 18, 1989
By Bob and Betsy Jones
(Earlier stories redacted – For entire interview, please see

[Female]: You had another story about Mickey ... 

Mickey’s Trick.

Sam Jones: Oh, yes. Mickey, that good for nothing, my dog. He always slept in the room with me except, as I said, when it was too cold then he went upstairs with Ruth and Ella Mae.

He slept by the side of my bed and the last thing I’d do is reach down and pet him before I went to sleep.

Bob Jones: He was a German Shepherd dog.

Sam Jones: Yes. This night it was a cold night and he kept trying to get in the bed with me and I wouldn’t do it.

I said, “Get down, Mickey, get down. Go lie down. So, he went off to the window and looked out and began barking, looking out barking like he was barking at somebody.

And I said, “Can’t do that, Mickey. Come sit down.” But he kept on so I thought I’d better go out and see, there might be somebody out there.

And I did. I went to the window and while I was doing that, why Mickey got in bed in my warm spot.

Betsy Jones: No one was there, no one was outside?

Sam Jones:  NO.  That concludes my part of the entertainment.

Bob Jones: Thank you. It’s been nice having you on the program. I hope you’ll come back.


  1. I stumbled upon this story yesterday while Googling information on my hometown. The Joneses were members of my church, and I can recall Robert E. (Bob) Jones great sense of humor. In 2003, he published a book, Mississippi Gumbo, which is chock full of stories such as this one. The above story is a typical Southern "dog story," of which we all have many. I urge you to visit the website of the library and read more of this interview. I assure you, you won't be disappointed. Better yet, his book is available for sale online.

  2. For whatever technical reason, I have been unable to give proper due to Lincoln, Lawrence, Franklin Library in Brookhaven, MS, which houses this and many other marvelous interviews of local townspeople. Consider this that!