Saturday, March 24, 2012

Unidentified Family, Lincoln County, Roughly 100 Years Ago


  1. These are the youngest six of the twelve children of my great-grandparents: Ferdinad F. Becker and Mary McGrath Becker. They are in front of their home which today is 514 W. Chippewa St. l to r: John (born 1891), Pierre/"Pete" (b.1893), James/Jamie (b. 1895), Martin G./"Cleve" (b. 1898), Jasper/Jappy (b. 1899), Evelyn (Briscoe)(b.1903) Evelyn appears to be around five so this would be about 1908.

  2. Awesome, Bettie. I missed this comment back in May. (I don't like that the comments are hidden. Must see about tweaking that.) I suspected it was the Becker house because of the rounded feature on the left.