Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Shave and a Haircut, Two Bits

From the Don Jackson Collection/LLF Library

"Three barbers are busy cutting hair at Trimble's Barber Shop. No date is noted." -- Library caption.

Interesting to see a woman in a barber's chair.  

I recognize Robert Jones, Esq., and supermarket owner Roy Malta (L-R) receiving haircuts.  The man in the dark t-shirt, to the left of Roy Malta, has been identified as Red Robinson or Robertson, the shop's shoe-shine man whose praises are being sung on my Facebook page.  Adjectives such as "great," "the very best" and "nicest" are being used.  One friend reports that that Red sent his children to college on his pay as a shoe-shine man.  The number of college students is in question, anywhere from five to eight or nine.  

Help is needed with the other four names as well. Trimble's originally was across the street from Woolworth's and the May Sisters operated a beauty salon in the back of the building.  It is believed that the woman in the chair is one of the May sisters.  Later, the shop was located near Lofton's department store and later became J.K. Smith's Barber Shop, according to my Facebook friends.  

If anyone would like to contribute a memory or two about Trimble's barber shop, please post that information here or on my Facebook page.  

Educated guesses as to the date of this photo would be welcomed -- some have suggested the late 1950s.  I tried blowing it up to read the calendar on the wall, but was unable to get a bead on it.


  1. Mr. Malta looks younger than my strongest memories of him in the Sixties....so maybe late Fifties? Also, Robert Jones, Esq. , looks like a kid! I am sooooo glad that Sippiana is back.

  2. My first barber shop visit was with Mr. Trimble but I don't know what year it was (born in 57). I seem to recall that for a period of time that I was getting haircuts there (months or years) they didn't have the hair vacuum system. You can see the hoses hanging down above the electrical outlets. I'll guess early sixties due to the vacuum system.