Thursday, May 24, 2012

Great Anticipation ...

Trade Day, Wednesday, July 19, 1922, Downtown Brookhaven, MS -- Here is a triptych of a panoramic photo from the Bicentennial Scrapbook, published by the Daily Leader in 1976.

Note the parasols and crisp white shirts, the various style hats and caps, knickers and the occasional "ice cream" suit on what was undoubtedly a hot, sunny day.

What everyone was anticipating arriving from the north is unclear -- the Leader speculates it could be the arrival of the circus train.

A quick Google of Trade Day, Mississippi, 1922 turned up an interesting snippet from an ICRR newsletter of the time period stating that an "Aviator Irving" entertained a crowd at a Trade Day in Hazlehurst in November 1922.

Perhaps these folks were awaiting the arrival of a barnstorming pilot in his Amazing Flying Machine?

If anyone has an idea what may have prompted the anticipation among the townspeople around the train station at mid-day, please advise.
A special thank you to Bettie Hatcher Cox and Deenie Tallant for sharing this.  Photo originally provided to the Leader by Mrs. Lutie Boadwee Allen.

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