Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Boone Brothers and Store

From the Daily Leader Bi-Centennial edition in 1976, courtesy of Mary Becker Hatcher's archives, via her daughter Bettie Hatcher Cox and Deenie Tallant, who spent many hours scanning these treasures in.

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  1. Oh Molly this one is truly close to home. Daddy's station was on the corner, next to Junior Sartain's diner, then the grist mill, and then Mr, Boone's store. At the back of the store behind our service station, there were double doors always open so trucks could get back there to load there feed and seed. I played in the back a lot. He had a daughter, Margarite, and a son, A.C. junior...who when we moved out on Enterprise Road when I was in the 11th grade loaned me a second horse (the other one was Slim that I write about in SFC.) She was a pretty, small horse, a strawberry roan..almost pink). When I rode her away from the house she was docile as a lamb, but when I turned to go bask to the store, she broke into a gallop and could not be slowed down. No matter how hard I pulled with all my weight on the reins, she kept going...had the toughest mouth of any horse I ever rode.