Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pilot's and Climber's Clubs

 Above: Pilot's Club, 1959, dressed for the Town's Centennial.  Maybelle Parkinson with her ever present grin is dead center of the photo.
Other faces are familiar, but I'm not willing to go out on a limb. Suggestions and comments welcomed.
Photo by Mr. John H. Williams

The occasion for the above three photos is the 50th anniversary of the Climber's Club, April 14, 1955.

Again, familiar faces, but no firm identities.  In the last photo, to the right is Phyllis Johnson Spearman dressed in a period dress and I do believe that is Janice Hobbs at the end of the table, but I could be mistaken and am ready to stand corrected.

Suggestions and comments welcomed on these photos from the John Holly Williams collection as well.


  1. I'm like you Molly. Many look very familiar, but no names present. The only one that may be a known face is Miss Ab. I believe she is...if you start with the person on the farthest right of the picture and move in to the 5th person...just a face with whitish hat between two others. Looks like Miss Ab to me. What do y'all think?

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  4. What wonderful photos! The three Climber's Club photos were taken inside Shadowlawn, the home of Mr. and Mrs. S.E. Moreton Jr. (and S.E. Moreton Sr. before that) on South Jackson Street (featured in this post:

    The bottom photo indeed features cousins Phyllis Johnson Spearman and Janis Moreton Hobbs (my grandmother). In the photo above it, Janis is in the back row, far left. To the right of Janis is her mother Eola Williams Moreton (Mrs. S.E. Moreton Jr.). Phyllis is in front of the mirror. Phyllis' mother Alice Moreton Johnson (Mrs. Junius Johnson) is on the back row, far right, and to the left of Alice is her sister Adeline Moreton Becker (Mrs. F.F. Becker II).

    On the far right, second row from the front, in the white cap, is Sara Herring Hobbs, mother-in-law to Janis Moreton Hobbs, wife of Henry Ware Hobbs Sr. (I am Sara's namesake.) To the left of Sara is her sister Julia Herring Perkins, known as "Jim".

    I'm not sure about the identities of the two women in the first Climber's photo, but I assume they are founding members of the club or early presidents.

  5. My mother Marcie Hobbs Farnsworth has identified the two older women in the first Climbers photo. They are Mrs. Harry Mills (Frances/Fannie) and Mrs. Emil Cohn.

    She knows the names of most of the Climbers women in the group photo also and will pass them on soon. Phyllis Spearman would probably be able to identify them all!