Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dr Reel: A Man of Steel

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Many of us Baby Boomers from Brookhaven remember Dr. Anton Reel Jr., who practiced dentistry in our town for many years.

What many of us may not realize, he is a man of steel, a Mississippi Sports Hall of Famer who is still going strong at 91, setting records for his age group in powerlifting.

Here is a short YouTube video showing an inspiring lift by Dr. Reel. Click on the embedded link in the preceding sentence to view, if the plug-in is not working.

His story is compelling and can be read in this link. (The feature is about half way down in the newsletter.)  

For additional information, including his influence on local football players and track stars, I have included the state Senate resolution nominating him to the Hall of Fame here

It is fascinating to realize his profound impact on the game of football and the careers of many Brookhavenites, not the least of which was college and pro football Hall of Famer Lance Alworth.

Dr. Reel, we salute you!

A special thank you to Bill Perkins for calling my attention to this story.

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