Wednesday, November 21, 2012

File Under: Your Guess Is As Good As Mine

Pat Ott (Kentwood, LA) and Bobby Lee Eldridge (Amite, LA) 
Pat Ott (Kentwood, LA) and Celia Magruder (Hollandale, MS)
These undated photos from the Whitworth College collection at the local library certainly serve to kick one's imagination into overdrive. (At least that was true for moi.)  I suspect these were taken during the late 1940s -- perhaps these costumes were from a play or a masquerade ball, which the campus was known to host from time to time.  

College women dressing up as something they are not and smoking cigarettes is one thing, but the "libation" in the frosty glasses is presumably NOT booze, since the town and county were dry.  (Never mind that the event chaperones would never have allowed such!)  

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