Monday, November 12, 2012

In the Navy ...

And, we're back.  After a nearly two-week interruption thanks to Superstorm Sandy and a snow-laden Nor-Easter that pinned the coastlines of the Northeast to the mat, we have had our power and internet restored.  This Blog is cranking back up.

Since yesterday was Veteran's Day, I chose this picture as a belated tribute to all the Mississippi men and women who have opted to serve their country via the U.S. Military. 

This photo was taken in 1941 in San Pedro, California.  Pictured are my grandfather (who received a deferment during WWI), my Uncle Larry and, on the right, my Uncle Norman.  This photo was taken by my grandmother right before Norman's ship, the USS Maryland, was homeported to Hawaii.

As the first bombs fell on Pearl Harbor, Norman, then a Petty Officer, and his shipmates scrambled to save the Maryland, which took a major hit but managed to limp back to the US for repairs. Norman went on to become a career Navy man, and rose through the ranks to become a Lieutenant Commander. 

After 20 years and prohibited by Navy regulations from achieving a higher rank because he had only a high school education, he retired and he and his wife both in their 40s, went to college and got their degrees in education.  They returned home to Virginia Beach to spend the "second half" of their lives as teachers in the local school district.

While he did not make the Navy a career, Larry, 23 years younger than Norman, proudly served in the US Navy during the Vietnam War.  

A snap salute to all who have worn the uniforms of our Armed Forces.

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