Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lawn Tennis, Anyone?

Stumbled upon this photo while researching something else: A scene from 100 years ago or so, on the Whitworth campus.

To my eye, this building looks similar to the one in yesterday's post, but it may be "close, but no cigar."  I am unclear whether this building still stands, or where it is/was situated.

According to the notation at the Library, the photo was "donated by Mrs. Ruth Paxton Davis and glued on card with following data: served as president's home under part of Dr. I. W. Cooper's administration; woman at right Lena Decell, Class of 1912."

The Decells were early settlers of Brookhaven.  

The use of the word "City" beside Ruth P. Davis's name resurrected a long forgotten memory.  When I was a child and my mother would address envelopes, if the envelope was going to some place within the confines of the town of Brookhaven, she would write simply "City" and drop it in the appropriate box at the Post Office.  

That quaint, small town practice came to an unceremonious end in 1963, when Zip Codes were introduced.

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  1. This Brown House/President's Home no longer stands. The President's Home/Elizabeth Cottage which is just north of Teen Tavern/Y-Hut may have replaced this earlier building. btw I remember well the City era of small town letter mailing!