Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cody Batch-Who?

From the John Holly Williams Collection
"This man is wearing a white shirt with the top button open. His hair is slicked back. His name may be Cody Batchelus. The last few letters of the last name are questionable. No date is noted." -- Library caption.
Hmmm, there was a prominent lumber family in town -- by the name Batchelder, alternately spelled Bachelder.  I have to wonder if the handwriting on this photo's envelope might have missed the mark, and that Cody might have been a member of that family.  

The Batchelders lived in a magnificent old mansion built roughly 100 years ago during the height of the lumber boom, but, sadly, it was among those many large luxury homes lost to bulldozers in their later years. 

The second occupants of the home were the L.O. Crosbys, yet another family associated with big lumber. 

(The above picture postcard was gleaned from the Cooper Postcard Collection at the MDAH site, with caption information based on Durr Walker's history book about Lincoln County.)  

I realize I may be committing yet another "stretch" of information/imagination by linking this man's last name with this home, SO ... if anyone recognizes this man and knows what his last name may have been, please leave a note here or on my Facebook page, and I will update and correct any mis-impressions as soon as information to the contrary is presented.  Of course, if he WAS related to the lumber family, I will post that information as well. 
Let the comments begin!

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