Friday, February 8, 2013

Tater Brown and Family

"Tater" Brown Family, Undated -- A couple sit with 3 young men standing behind them, an adolescent boy on each end beside them, and a small girl between them. Handwritten on back "Tater Brown 
Family - Wesson." -- Library caption.

Another fun one from Mr. Williams's collection.  I do believe I have seen Tater's picture elsewhere in the LLF feed, but just where, I am not sure. It's going to take some digging to connect those dots.  That, or I have simply stared at this photo enough over the past year that I simply THINK I've seen his face before! 

My takeaway from this one is that I love their clothing -- it reminds me of the characters in one of my favorite movies: "A Christmas Story."

Yesterday's posting got a hit from a schoolmate who declared, "That's my uncle Coot!"  I am hopeful I will get a similar response with this photo.  

Please let me know if you know these folks and their "story," either here or on my Facebook page.

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