Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Look on the Teacher's Face Says It All

This group of pictures were all in one box labeled "Old School." Most of them are copies that Mr. Williams made for customers. This is four rows of boys and girls. On the bottom is written a note. I cannot read all of it but it does read "Grade 5 then the date 1935. No other information is known. -- LLF Library Caption.

Okay, the facial expressions are priceless, across the board.  The teacher looks like he's had it, and the kids look as if they are taking great delight in frustrating the poor photographer.  

I seem to see the word McCall written in white ink at the bottom, which makes me wonder if this is the McCall Creek community.  Then again, the dark shakes on the building resemble the school house that was in Norfield.

The kids, if alive today, would be around 89 years old.  

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  1. Maybe the teacher had a difficult time getting them to sit, stand still for this picture. They look like a group filled with energy and antics.

  2. That they do, Linda! Since it's rare to see people smiling and mugging for the camera in "early photos," (thanks to slow emulsion rates) this one was a fun one!