Wednesday, July 4, 2012

La Vida Loca in Habana de Cuba!

The picture itself tells the story, although the Greyhound notation is admittedly perplexing.

This historic cathedral was begun in 1748 by the Jesuits, who did not get to finish it because they were expelled from Cuba in 1767 by King Carlos III of Spain. The building was completed ten years later and was consecrated as Havana Cathedral in 1789.

Some of Christopher Columbus' remains were kept here between 1796 and 1898, hence the reference to Columbus Cathedral on the photo above.  Columbus' remains are now in the Seville Cathedral in Spain, after visiting numerous resting places around the globe after his death in May 1506.

Some historians like to say Columbus's remains traveled more in death than many people travel while alive.  For further reading, see this link.

Back to the Whitworth students: if anyone recognizes a relative in the above photo, please alert me and I will include that identification.

Photo Credit: Lincoln, Lawrence, Franklin Library, John H. Williams Old School Collection.

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