Thursday, August 2, 2012

Commercial Bank Then/State Bank Now


  1. I want to bank there. Very nice, Molly!

  2. From The Becker Family Book I published-1994 in conjunction with a reunion; edited by Adine Becker Hill.
    Ferdinand F. Becker organized the Commercial Bank in 1887. The bank thrived under his management and contributed greatly to the growth of the area. Then several factors (the invasion of the boll weevil and the Texas tick fever) brought about severely depressed cotten and timber markets in late 1913 and devastating businesses reverses that led to a run on the bank. The Commercial Bank closed.
    From the "Brookhaven Leader": "Without hesitation or delay, Mr. and Mrs. Becker deeded their beautiful (W.Chippewa St.) home and other property to the receivers for the benefit of the depositors.....They rejoiced that in the final settlement, depositors received not only 100 cents on the dollar for their deposits, but an additional four cents in the way of interest----a record unique indeed."
    My great grandfather then turned his attention to the Brookhaven Creamery. btw: I think it's time to put back those wonderful awnings!