Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hot Tin Roof

This is the library's caption: A quiet rural home typical of earlier Mississippi homes. The wood structure has a chimney on the left, and a high-pitched tin roof. A woman stands in the yard. In handwriting on the back is the word "Grandma." This is probably the grandmother of John H. Williams. Identified by several people as the former home of Jim and Val Home.

Anyone know any more about this house, especially where it might have been? Or Mr. Williams' grandmother?  I know from other photos that he was reared by his paternal grandfather.


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  2. I saw your post several weeks ago but waited to respond until I verified my information. This picture hangs on the wall in my father-in-law's house. He identifies the person in the picture as Hettie Smith, mother of Oddee Smith & Lou Smith (and other siblings). Hettie was my mother-in-law's maternal grandmother. (I questioned the Smith name following through the maternal linkage and it is confirmed, so evidently she was a Smith before AND after she married.) No determination as to whether or not the house had original owners, as she was in the house when my in-laws began dating. My mother-in-law is now deceased; however, if you have any specific questions that I can ask about the picture or family connections, please let me know.

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