Monday, August 13, 2012

Grand Opening! Bane Drugs! And the Whole Town Turned Out!

Don Jackson photos from the LLF Library Collection

Who can forget the lunch counter (soda fountain) in the left hand rear of the store?   The ice cream was served up in little scalloped metal bowls and the vanilla always sported fun little ice crystals as a surprise in the sundaes!

The exact date is unclear according to the Library files, but judging by the cars in the pictures, it's the early 1950s.  And yes, note the neon on the sign.


  1. This is confusing me. I only remember that being Hoffman's Drug store. I graduated and left Brookhaven for college in 1954.

  2. O for one more cherry coke from Bane's and one more visit to Travis' Cafe down the street!

  3. That is about right, Jimmie. Bane's opened in 1954.