Thursday, August 23, 2012

Gin Rummy!!!

Playing cards and passing time at the Fire House, March 13, 1952.  From the C.W. Witbeck Collection at the MDAH online collection.
According to Jimmie Meese Moomaw, author of Southern Fried Child, and who lived at the fire house as a young girl, "The one on the left is Red Myers, who was the Chief.  He and Miss Mary lived upstairs over the fire station.  There were two apartments.  We were in the other one.

"I don't recognize the one in the middle, but I remember the scene well ... the card table, the cards and the old guys playing."

Jimmie says the man on the right is William (Bill, aka "Honey') Godbold Sr., who served as mayor for many years, as did his wife and his son, Bill Jr.  "Big Bill" operated a service station on the same corner as the First Baptist Church, according to Jimmie.

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