Monday, December 17, 2012

An Early Christmas Sweater

From the John Holly Williams Collection, LLF Library

Proof positive that Christmas Sweaters date back at least to 1945, and, possibly much earlier.  A Google search of "Christmas sweaters history" takes us to the latest trend -- "Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties," but no real indication of how long ago Christmas-themed sweaters might have begun. 

These photos at least give us a glimpse into the past -- the date is recorded as 12/20/1945 and the young man's name is Dave Davis.  It's just my humble opinion, but I don't think this sweater is ugly, do you?

As always, if any of you recognize this young man (who would be in his 80s today) or have additional information about him or the history of Christmas sweaters, for that matter, please feel free to post here or on my Facebook page.

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  1. What a time to revisit the past...New Year's Eve! These photos make feel both happy and sad! How quickly the events in our lives come and go.