Saturday, December 8, 2012

Angels We Have Heard on High ...

John Holly Williams Collection -- LLF Library

John Holly Williams Collection -- LLF Library

The top photo is from the 1956 Christmas parade -- A choir of angels singing Heavenly strains to the music of an accordion, no less!

The date of the second photo is not listed at the library.  A best guess would be that this picture is also from the 1956 parade.  On magnification, the "Southern Belle" in the approximate center of the background, surely looks a whole like my cousin, Lynda Hedgepeth Murray.

Any help on the identities of the singing angels in the first photo is most welcome!  Hold down Cntrl and the + key on a PC, or the Command key and the + key, to enlarge the image.

Please let me know names, either here or on my FB page!

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