Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Fairies and Girl Scouts

Both photos from the John Holly Williams Collection, LLF Library

As with yesterday's post, the date is uncertain, but is most likely mid 1950s.

The young lady leaning forward with the garland in the top photo strongly resembles Lynda Hedgepeth Murray.  I do not recognize any of the other "fairies" but I am hopeful those of my friends on Facebook who went to Brookhaven High School with Lynda will be able to confirm my suspicion and identify the others.

In the bottom photo, I wonder if it's not from 1958, since the two young girls standing near the fireplace look a whole lot like Debbie Giles Rushing and her older sister Pam.  I could be completely wrong about that identification, so if someone out there knows better, please leave a comment here on or my Facebook page.

The young ladies holding the dolls on the rear of the float also look very familiar, but I don't dare venture a guess for fear of being way off.

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