Sunday, December 2, 2012

Copiah Lincoln Junior College Faculty?

Don Jackson Photo, LLF Library Collection
Library caption reads: "Sixteen people are grouped for this photo. No other information is available. Scanned from printed photo."

I recognize my friend and mentor, the late Burlian O'Neal Walker, top row, second from left, and mathematics instructor Roy Daughdrill, top row, far right.  Beyond that, I'm drawing blanks.

Date and location and occasion are unclear, although I suspect this was taken in the mid to late '70s, based on the width of the ties and the hairstyles.  Help with names welcomed!


  1. Whoa, Nellie, the woman on the front row, third from left went beyond the "beehive do." Hers is more like a hornet's nest. Well, slap my face for being b*^#@y, but that's a whole lot of hair!

  2. The man standing at the far left is M.K. Turk, basketball coach for Co-Lin before he came to Hattiesburg and became the very successful Head Coach of the USM men's basketball program.

  3. Molly, the gentleman fourth to the right is Pat Reed- my cousin.. He went on the be the Superintendent of Schools in the Bude area and still lives there. His sisters are Melisa and Susan Reed.