Friday, December 7, 2012

More Christmas Floats from the 1950s ...

From the John Holly Williams Collection, LLF Library
In the run-up to Christmas 2012, more of these vintage photos will be posted.  The dates for the above two are unclear, though they are likely from the 1956-58 period, given the other photos in the collection.  

I do not recognize faces in the first photo, but I do believe the tall man on the right in the second photo just may be Henry Ware Hobbs. 

Comments and suggestions are welcome!


  1. I agree, that looks like Henry Ware Hobbs, Jr., so I imagine the child he's holding with the head full of curls is a little Marci or Susan Hobbs. I can tell you for sure, that is the Brookhaven Lion's Club float. My Daddy, Raymond Cohen, was a charter member of the Brookhaven Lion's Club. The lion on the front of the float is identical to the one I have on my desk that was Daddy's paperweight with the Lion's International symbol.

  2. That's definitely Henry Ware Hobbs, Jr. on the right. Based on the blondeness of the curls, I believe he's holding my mother Marcie Hobbs Farnsworth. Susan had dark hair as a youngster, as seen in this picture:

  3. According to Marcie, it's Susan Moreton Hobbs Neal. :) Her hair just looked light in the picture.