Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dodds/Day Wedding ... Pictures Worth a Thousand Words ...

These photos are of the Dodds, who owned Brookhaven's largest and finest home, Edgewood (aka Fairview and House of Lovell) during the 1920s and are courtesy of Willie Granston, a great grandson who happened to find my posting on Edgewood some time back.  (Thank you, Willie, for supplying these and missing history of Brookhaven's much loved home on Storm Avenue.)

The bride is Sheila (Shellie) Dodds, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George S. Dodds, who was married at the mansion in 1928 to Charles Valentine Day Jr. of Rockville Centre, New York.

Earlier in February, I posted the wedding announcement, also courtesy of Willie Granston.  For those who may have missed that and are interested to read the description of a most elaborate affair, here is a link back to that newspaper clipping.


  1. Was the Dodds family in the lumber business, too? Or did they have other business interests? I am very impressed with sailing to an exotic Cuban honeymoon in the 1920s!