Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Ghost of Doc Rowan and His Lantern ...

From the 1976 Bicentennial Edition of the Daily Leader, courtesy of Betty Hatcher Cox via her mother's archives and scanned in by Deenie Tallant.
Yesterday's posting of the premature demise of Mary H. Moreton and the mention of the great cyclone that essentially blew the town of Beauregard off the map brought to mind this oft-told ghost story.

It seems this legend is not without its followers from elsewhere in the country and the world.  A Google search turns up links to ghost story books published in New York and websites from as close as Arkansas to as far away as New Zealand.

If you find the above difficult to read, please see this link for a more succinct and updated tale of the incident, including current photographs of the location, AND, a dire warning not to seek out the ghostly lantern on the ICRR tracks, for fear you could suffer the same fate as poor Doc Rowan.

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