Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fun in Old Field Fedoras

Two boys and a man in a garden. Can't tell what the crop is. Name identified is V. L. Saxan from Meadville, MS. -- Library caption.

Here's another eye catcher that always causes me to pause and ponder.  I did a little digging and, at first, I thought the man may be Vernie Lamar "Tomcat" Saxon of Meadville, born in 1914, died on New Year's Day, 1998.

But, thanks to the internet, I was able to contact V.L.'s daughter, Linda Saxon Nix of Biloxi, and determine this photo is from a much earlier time in the family history.  It is of her grandfather, the mayor of Meadville, Robert Guy Saxon, her Uncle Mack, on the left, and her Uncle Elton, who died during WWII.

Linda estimates the photo dates from the 1930s and believes that the two boys and her grandfather are in a field of potatoes, a cash crop the Saxons grew in Franklin County.  

Based on our conversation, it appears that her father, V.L. Saxon, took this treasured photo to John Holly Williams to have a copy or two made for the family archives.

Further Saxon family history reveals that "Tomcat" married Margaret "Gingerbread Lady" Tate Saxon, who originally hailed from Senatobia in Tate County, MS. (Click on the turquoise link to read her obituary via Findagrave.) 

Their union produced two children, the aforementioned Linda, and Robert Lamar Saxon, 1944-2003.

Linda Saxon Nix went on to become a librarian and an artist in more than one medium.  

According to information on the web, she has loved photography since receiving her first camera, a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye, when she was 11.  

Her work as a photographer and as an artist (jewelry included) is impressive, and I urge you to click this link or this one to view a sampling of her work.  Her website, seems to be down for the count.  

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