Thursday, March 21, 2013

Styling in 1945

W. O. Montgomery

Older man with young boy. Both are wearing hats and jackets. Name W. O. Montgomery. Date 1/8/1945.  -- LLF Library caption.

I have not been able to locate additional information on this stylish duo in fedoras,   although there's a pretty good chance that the man is W.O. Montgomery.  (Yesterday's posting taught me that the name on the envelope is not always of the subject of the photograph.)  

If anyone out there has information, please feel free to post here or on my Facebook page.  

UPDATE: This from Jimmie Meese Moomaw, former Brookhaven resident and author of Southern Fried Child: "I sent a copy of the W.O. Montgomery photo to Bob Mongtomer, brother of Billy, whom I dated in high school, father of Bert, the Baptist minister I did a joint book signing/discussion with in Starkville.  He sent me this response: 'My cousin (Glenda M. Tarver) who lives in Brookhaven confirms that the Sippiana Succotash "Fedora" photo is indeed my uncle and cousin, W.O. (William Orville) and Wendell Montgomery.  Wendell was celebrating his 12th birthday in January 1945.  (They are both now deceased.  Thanks for the tip about the site Sippiana Succotash.'"

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