Monday, April 9, 2012

1951: The Spinning Wheel, a Teen Hang Out

If these kids are an average of 16 or 17 years old, they would be 77 or 78 today. Recognize anyone?

UPDATE: A big thank you to John Case, who tells me that his brother Carroll and his sister, Sue Case Richardson Stout, recognize this as not the Spinning Wheel, as the photo caption says, but the Wagon Wheel.  

It was located where Applewhite's was (just down from Art Studio) and was open only about a year.  Sue says most of those she recognizes are from her BHS Class of 1951, but there are underclassmen there as well.  Here are some of the names of those she recognizes:  Melvin Flowers, Jimmy Douglas, Charles Milner, Donald Samuels, Frank Tuminello, Eugene Burris,
Janet Smith, Lynda Hedgepeth, John Smiley.

Lynda Hedgepeth is my first cousin and is the tiny little thing in the booth, in the middle picture. I kept staring at her thinking she sure did look familiar!  I forgive myself, however, 
because I was born two years after this photo was taken.  Thanks again to the Cases for help in this.

ANOTHER UPDATE, THIS ONE FROM JIMMIE MOOMAW:" I recognized Phil Parker, Jerry Kees, Dan Day, Paul Williams, Jimmy Thompson, Janet Smith, Lynda Hedgpeth, Bill McAtee, Donald Samuels, Tex Samples, and Robert Vincent Panzica."  

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  1. Again, the work of John H. Williams, from the local library, not sure why the labels are not showing.