Sunday, April 1, 2012

Jitney Jungle Cooking School

Jitney Jungle Cooking School, offering up the advantages of electric cooking, 1945, exact location and identities unknown. Photo by John H. Williams.
Update: Larry Williams reports that this couple is Mr. and Mrs. James Nations.  Mr. Nations managed the Jitney. They are the parents of Jimmy Nations and Sally Nations McKee. (Thanks to Lynne Holmes Lofton for getting this information to me.)


  1. I believe this is Lampton Auditorium, any suggestions, corrections are welcome. The man and woman in the aisle look familiar, but I am uncertain of their identities. Any help in that direction would be welcome.

    Note the fur stole on the woman on the left -- this indicates to me that this was a real occasion -- in the days before television kept us glued to our sofas.

    1. I just wish I had a piece of that pie!

    2. I agree about the location. That man DOES look really familiar, too, but the old memory banks are not providing a name.

      Good work, Molly!

  2. Me too, Ursula! I hear you Deenie! The man kind of looks like Gerald Kees, BUT, not exactly! :))

  3. Some have suggested that this might be the Arcade Theater, which was next to the first Jitney Jungle.