Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kees Motor Company Front Office?? NOPE!

I have shown this picture to folks who would have had knowledge of Kees Motor Company at this time and they do not recognize any of the people pictured. To be honest, there are quite a few broken or "crossed" links in the LLF Library online images, and this might well be one of them.  If anyone out there recognizes even one of these folks or the background, please let me know.

UPDATE: Yep, it's a crossed wire: The woman has been identified as Sis Brennan, the long-time City Editor of the newspaper, most likely then called the Leader Advertiser.  The photo was probably taken in the Leader's offices, given the amount of newspapers on the shelving.  The identities of the two men are still uncertain, although one person with a terrific memory has suggested the man on the left might be Mr. S.E. Babington.

UPDATE II: Yet another suggested the man on the left may be Jap Becker.  A check of a photo of Mr. Babington shows his hair to be straighter than this man's. So, there's more work to be done!  Keep those cards and letters coming!

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  1. Hey, Molly, I am just starting to enjoy your wonderful blog after hearing rave reviews from Deenie......the man on the left is not Jap Becker, Sr.....though I can see why someone might have seen some resemblance. Bettie Hatcher Cox