Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Square Dancing and Sack Racing at the Country Club, 1949

UPDATE: From Sylvia Campbell Hall: In the 2nd Sack Race picture, the seventh person - the tall man on the right side of the first table from the left, looking back over his shoulder is my father, Jewel Hilton Campbell. He was mayor of Brookhaven in 1951 and served more than one term.  Thanks, Sylvia!  Sukie Here: While we're at it, the second woman in at that table, and the man to her right, are Mr. and Mrs. Jay Homer Hedgepeth, my aunt and uncle! Mabel, get your elbows off the table! 

Recognize anyone?  I do!  A special thank you to Lonnie Kees for lightening the photos.  

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  1. In sack race photo, the second couple from the left is my uncle and aunt, Walter "Teenie" Becker and Elizabeth "Lizzie" C. Becker.