Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Brookhaven Baseball Team -- Familiar Faces Abound!

From the LLF Library, John Holly Williams Collection
UPDATE: This posting originally appeared on April 24, 2012 on this blog.  It is from the Fourth of July 1958 and the team was sponsored by Earl Smith Motors.

As best we can tell, with the help of Jerry DeLaughter and Peggy Richardson, the following folks, left to right, are in the picture:
Back Row: Ralph Sartin, Sam Carruth, Jon Lauderdale, Hilton Ball, Leslie Parsons, Sherman Swalm
Middle Row: Richard Sutton, Mike Smith, Othel Anding, Jerry Case, Billy Coleman, Charles West
Front Row: Charles Abrams, ??, Wade Thornill, Jerry Baily, Norris Sears, Ronnie Grenn.

Thanks for the input and please see the posting from April 14, 2013, for some of these players in action.


  1. From Jerry DeLaughter: Top row, l to r, are: Ralph Sartin, Sammy Carruth, Jon Lauderdale, Hilton Ball, ??, Sherman Swalm; middle row: ??, Mike Smith, Othel Anding, Jerry Case, Billy Coleman, Charles West; front, l to r: ??, ??, Wade Thornhill, (?? Charles Abrams?), Johnny Nelms, ??

    Anyone else? Feel free to weigh in! This is for history/genealogy purposes and your descendants. who just might want to know what you looked like in your youth!

    Let's support the library and the town museum in whatever way we can!
    Thank you, Jerry!

  2. Here is an update from Peggy Richardson, Class of '61: Between Hilton and Sherman, Leslie Parsons
    Middle row: left, Richard Sutton
    Front row: Charles Abrams, (don't know),Wade Thornhill, Jerry Baily, Norris Sears,Ronnie Grenn