Wednesday, September 19, 2012

777 Service Station and Much, Much MORE ...

Notice all the cross hatching of the skies with electrical lines in this photo.

Note Dino the Sinclair dinosaur sign. The slogans were "Drive with care and buy Sinclair," and "Sinclair ... we're about as American as it gets."
All photos from John Holly Williams collection.  The top photo was taken in post-war 1940s, based on the car models.

Using the same rule of thumb, the bottom two were taken in the 1950s.

Notice that a metal awning business  and Brookhaven Glass replaced the Brookhaven Motor Sales.

I included this last photo, which many of my Facebook friends have already seen, because if you look closely, the building to the left is the same building as above.  The awning is missing, but I am not sure which photo is the newest.  

More interesting, if you look to the far right of this photo, you can get a glimpse of Nation's Motor Court and, everyone's favorite, the Purity Ice Cream Parlor.  Also of note, is the grass median in the middle of Monticello, which is long gone.  (Look right behind the Cadillac for a glimpse.)

To enlarge the photo, hold down the cntl and the + key.  Mac users: use the command key and the + key.  To return the screen view to the original size, use the contl or command key and the - key. 

And yes, for those of you who have NOT seen this particular photo, that IS Lois Dalton in the dark outfit and sunglasses at the front of the Horsemen of Brookhaven parade line.

Today, at the northeast corner of Monticello and N. Railroad, I do believe is a Trustmark branch bank.  The structures to the east, at as best I can tell from Google Maps, have been razed.  If I am mistaken about that, can someone please leave a comment here or on my Facebook page.

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