Monday, September 10, 2012

NGI -- We Need NGI

All photos from the Lincoln, Lawrence, Franklin Library Archives

The top photo is of Mr. and Mrs. Milton J. Whitworth; Milton J. being the founder of Whitworth College for women in downtown Brookhaven.

The second photo, also on file at the local library, is of an unidentified couple and their son.  To my eye, they look like they could be the Whitworths at a younger time in their lives. 

The bottom photo is found among the college archives, but the woman is unidentified.  I see a resemblance to Mrs. Whitworth, especially about the eyes.

Of course, I could be wrong about these two pictures -- it wouldn't be the first time. I would be curious to hear others' take on what I have presented here.  Am I on to something, or am I getting a little crazy with myself?

There are folks who read this blog who are much better at facial recognition than I am.  I welcome comments, opinions, either here or on my Facebook page.


  1. I think the two couples are one and the same....not sure about the last photo of older lady. Did Mrs. Whitworth in fact outlive her husband?

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    2. Mrs. Sarah Jane Hudson Whitworth did indeed outlive her husband by 15 years, and died at the age of 63. Rev. Whitworth died at 59 years of age. The top two pictures were posted in 2010 on their Find A Grave memorials by Denise Bowman Flynn, also obtained from the library. Her entries indicate they had a son, Samuel Hudson Whitworth (1843-1889). Like, Molly, I am no expert in facial recognition analysis. If the second picture is the same couple, it follows that the boy in the middle is their son, Samuel Whitworth. It's also difficult to ascertain whether the last picture is of a lady under 63 years of age. I wonder if there is any correlation between how old people used to age and the lack of air conditioning?! I am glad we have more to live for and smile about.