Monday, September 24, 2012

Town Leaders, As Defined in 1903

From the 1976 Bicentennial Edition of the Daily Leader, from the Mary Becker Hatcher archives.  Supplied by Bettie Hatcher Cox and scanned in by Deenie Tallant.

From The Leader, February 19, 1903.  Noticeably absent from these photos of "past and present" leaders of Brookhaven is Milton J .  Whitworth, founder of Whitworth College. Also, former Mayor Lewinthal has been credited with building the first public school on the site where the present elementary school stands. 

Perplexing: was it an oversight or deliberate?  Does anyone have any idea why these two men might have been omitted from this list? (Besides the obvious, "There was no more room on the page.") 

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