Thursday, September 13, 2012

Let It SNOW!!

It's 1948 in Downtown Brookhaven and it's snowing, a rare sight and a rare treat in the tropical South. Unidentified young ladies at Cherokee and Whitworth -- State Bank and McGrath's in the background

Taken from what most of us would know as East's Pharmacy location, looking toward the Inez Hotel.  Note the bike's kickstand and basket in the front.  I suspect they belong to the old Jitney Jungle, which today is a Billard's parlor. 

Unidentified woman and man, standing in front of Art Studio on Cherokee Street,
with Gulley's Men's Store and Staffler's Jeweler's  in the background.

Still snowing ... Two women, identities unknown, standing in front of Art Studio, with Staffler's Jewelers and
Gulley's Men's Store in the background.

Snowball fight anyone?  One guy looks like he's about to get smashed in the face!

Cherokee at Whitworth, looking south, cars parallel to the railroad tracks.  Note the sign "Buddy's" on the overhang of the area most of us knew as Hodge's Men's Shop.  

Unidentified woman, standing in front of Art Studio on Cherokee, with the Storm Building in the background.  
Note the Snack Bar sign over her right shoulder.

Note the McGrath building in the far left background.
The photographer himself, John Holly Williams,  presumably heading in to work at Art Studio on a rare snowy day in the Piney Woods.  The presumption is one of his employees took this shot and the rest were taken by JHW.  All photos from the Lincoln, Lawrence, Franklin Library.