Monday, September 3, 2012

And Oldie But a Goodie

From the Daily Leader's 1976 Bicentennial Edition, from the Mary Becker Hatcher archives, via her daughter Bettie Hatcher Cox, and scanned in by Deenie Tallant.

Note the brick structure to the right is a glimpse of the back side of the old firehouse/library and City Hall, which is now the home to the Chamber of Commerce.

And now for a mystery:  The house/business that stands at this address, as best I can tell, is quite similar, but does not appear to be the same building shown in this photo. (Trees obscure today's Google Street View of the house.) Does anyone know the fate of this house in the picture and/or the history of the structure that stands there now if it is NOT one in the same? 

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UPDATE: The consensus is that this has has been torn down and the lot now serves as a parking lot for a house/business to the west. While that structure is similar, information as to how old it is and its history is, as they say, a story for another day. 

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  1. Oh, I know this house very well. Mrs. Kees and her daughter and grandson lived there when I lived next door at the fire station...the back window you see of the brick building (the fire station) was in our apartment...Red Myers and Miss Mary lived in the front apartment.

    Ms. Kees house was sort of mysterious. The shades were always down and it was dark though her daughter lived with her and had a little boy...they never came outside. The rumor was...and I stress rumor...even after 65 years...I don't want to impugn anyone's good name...but the rumor was that the daughter was not married, and had the child out of wedlock, and so out of shame they kept to themselves and stayed out of sight.