Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Clark Company -- Cotton Processors

Don Jackson Collection -- LLF Library
"Martha Sinclair had this copy made of a cotton mill. The name of the business is Clark company. No date is noted." -- Library caption.

I cannot be certain, but I think the term in this case would be a cotton gin, since what I see what looks to be cotton bolls in the back of the old trucks and what looks like a couple of large bales on the back of the truck to the right. 

But, I am far from an expert and I defer to my friends and colleagues who know more of this stuff than I, and welcome comments here or on my Facebook page as to which term is correct.  And, of course, further information as to where this business may have been is welcomed.

UPDATE:  From my friend John Case: "That is the cotton gin owned by Mr. C.C. Clark. It was located at Ruth Ms.  Mr. C.C. was a brother to Veneble Clark who owned Brookhaven Equipment Co. They were an International Harvester dealer and may still be, on the road south of the Coffee Pot.  Last account I had that business was operated by my classmate Mike Clark."  

Another friend suggests that this picture may have been taken around 1935.

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  1. Could this have been the Clark Company of Ruth, MS? If so. I think there may have been 2 gins there at one time?..