Tuesday, April 2, 2013

More Farm Bureau Photos

This photo was captured from the MDAH online archives of the Farm Bureau.  The caption doesn't tell us much: "Farm Bureau.  Lincoln Countians.  Group photograph."

Surely, someone out there will recognize these folks.  So many faces look familiar, but no names are percolating upward from the depths of my foggy memory banks.
Yet another photograph from the MDAH Farm Bureau archives.  We can safely guess that that is Sarah Jane Craig on the left and Travis Tadlock on the right, but just who the two are in the middle, well, we need help from the audience.  This photo was taken in the 1950s.

Updated And Corrected: Pat Duckworth, widow of Irl Duckworth, was kind enough to provide this information regarding the first photograph in this post:

"The people in the picture are Lincoln County Co-op Board members, Co-op Manager and MFC officials.  From left to right, Milton Walker, MFC District Representative; Jewel Smith, Lincoln Co. Co-op board member; Irl Duckworth, standing, Lincoln Co. Co-op Manager; Orlie Price, Lincoln Co-op board member;  Earl Beall, MFC General Manager; Sherwin Callendar, Lincoln Co. Co-op board member;" the last man on the right is Carnie Smith...

A special thank you to Marti Parker for reaching out to Pat for this information!

UPDATE: I have just been told that in the bottom photo, that the man in the striped shirt may be S.M. Hodges, who owned Hodges' Men's Store and who was also a cattle farmer.  I knew S.M. when his hair was gray, but on closer look, I agree that it could be ... Others have suggested on my Facebook page that it could be Truitt Brubbs, who was assistant county agent around this time period.  I need more people to weigh in here to help us decide this man's identity.