Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Water Ballet with a Civil War Theme?

From the John Holly Williams Collection, 1954, LLF Library

The above article is courtesy of Bettie Hatcher Cox
Let's see -- a water ballet with a Civil War theme, topped off by clown divers, and narrated in dulcet tones by town attorney and history buff Henry Ware Hobbs, whose Southern drawl and diction neared perfection -- that had to be pinnacle of all water carnivals.

Unfortunately, we do not have photographs from that auspicious occasion, nor do we have video, so we will have to use our best imagination.

The photograph is from the 1954 carnival -- for those unfamiliar with the event, they are on a platform in the shallow end of the old city pool.  As always, if anyone recognizes either one of the two lovely young ladies in the photograph, please leave word here or on my Facebook page.  

A special thank you to Bettie Hatcher Cox for scanning and forwarding the Leader Times article.

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