Sunday, April 14, 2013

Play Ball!!

All three photos from John Holly Williams Collection, LLF Library

"This is a picture a little league baseball game played on 4th of July 1958. There are several pictures for 
this date so it looks like Mr. Williams was shooting an event." -- Library caption.

Since I am in a baseball frame of mind today, having seen 42 at the movies last night, I chose these photos, which depict a Babe Ruth League game in which my brother and his classmates were participants.  At first I suspected that the batter is my brother, but my husband the baseball fan, pointed out that my brother is a righty and this batter is a lefty, so that leaves him out.

At any rate, whoever this is, it looks like he got some wood on the ball.

To see pictures of the entire team, which was presented on April 24, 2012, please see the thumbnails on the right side of the page.  I have updated it to include the identities of all except on player on the front row.  Help needed to determine his name.

UPDATE: "This is actually Babe Ruth League baseball, not Little League, played at the Exchange Club Park field. BRL was for ages 13, 14, and 15. Little League, for the 10-12 age group, was played at the Little League field on North Jackson St, just south of what is now White Oak Dr. The Little League franchise was lost a few years later because blacks were excluded from playing. Changed to Dixie Youth Baseball which is still the franchise for the 10-12 age group today. Blacks have participated in Dixie Youth Baseball for over 40 years." -- from Jerry Case, who is pictured in the earlier posting.

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