Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Young Beauty Queen ...

The caption from the Lincoln, Lawrence Franklin Library reads:

"Betty Jane Bruesk (sic) -- Little girl in yellow evening dress.  She is holding flowers in her arms and is wearing a corsage.  Customer was Betty Jane B??  Last name is unreadable. It may be Brusk or Burcesk.  Just can't read it.  No date." 

I could be mistaken, but I suspect that this may be a photo of a young Betty Brueck, who went on to become a Water Carnival Queen and who was featured earlier in this blog as a "star" of the B Cowboy movie, Jesse James' Women.  

This link will take you to our earlier post regarding that locally shot movie.

If you recognize this young lady, please leave a comment here or on my FB page.  (Note: To leave a comment on the blog, Blogger requires that you set up a Google account.) 

UPDATE: We have a consensus.  Those who knew her believe this is the late Betty Brueck, the daughter of Sheriff Joe Brueck. For more on Betty, please see the embedded link above. 


  1. Bingo! I'm 99% certain that it is Betty Brueck. Her Daddy, Joe Brueck, was once sheriff of Lincoln County.

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