Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dolls and Dollies in the Roaring Twenties

This one is from our family collection.  In the photo is my Aunt Louise on the left and my Aunt Doris, clutching the doll, on the right.  We are unclear who the "Flapper" is smiling for the camera from the front seat of the car, although we suspect it was my grandmother's baby sister, Hazel.  

Note the Kewpie doll adorning the radiator cap. 

Doris was the same age as my mother -- they were best friends -- so a best guess is that this photo is circa 1925 or 1926.  The location is most likely the driveway of the family dairy farm at Johnston's Station, Lincoln County, MS.

What I love about this photo? The impish smiles. We suspect this photo was taken by my grandmother who bought a Kodak Brownie camera for a princely sum of $2-3 when her children were young and used it often.  We as a family are blessed to have so many family photos from 85 years ago and beyond.  The shutter bug gene is evident throughout our family tree.

A special thank you to my Uncle Larry, who inherited his mother's love of photography, for sharing this and other family pictures.  

For more information on the invention of the snapshot, and from which I snagged the above advert, please see this informative link maintained by Chuck Baker.

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