Friday, October 26, 2012

Families, Farms, Fences, and Fidos ...

All photos from John Holly Williams "Old School" Collection, LLF Library

These three are from the library's "Unidentified Groups, 1850-1920." Names, locations, etc. are unavailable.

Of note: According to a caption in the Bicentennial edition of the Daily Leader, these rather tall fences were not decorative, but served to keep livestock out of the family's yard.

The house in the first picture reminds me of the little ante-bellum home that sits across from Brookhaven Elementary.  That house was built in 1832, if we dare to use the similarity in style to approximate this home's construction period.

The largest home -- in the third photograph -- appears to be a frame "dog trot" house, which typically consisted of two cabins connected by a porch and a center hall breezeway. They were popular pioneer homes and the earliest ones were constructed of logs.  The area south and west of Brookhaven was dotted with these old dog trots when I was a kid, but sadly, many of them have been lost to rot and termites. 

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