Sunday, October 21, 2012

BHS Band -- 1930

From the John Holly Williams' Old School Collection.  

This photo of the BHS marching band was taken by photographer A.D. Sauer, who had his studios in the rear of the old "Montgomery/Kees" house on Second Street, not far from the high school.  Note the make up of the band is mostly male, with the exception of three young women, two of whom are holding alto and baritone saxophones.

No identities are available, but some of you may just find your parents or grandparents pictured herein.


  1. Molly here's a question/research project for you...or anyone who might remember and know the answer. As late as the early 50s there was a house on the right hand side of Monticello Street heading toward the high school. There was a mix of painted houses...of various sizes...with white residents. Pretty much in the middle of that long long block was an old un-painted house where an older African-American couple lived. They were often sitting on their porch and waved to students on the way to school. This was the only house any where near that had minority residents. It didn't seem to matter...never heard any negative reference. It must have been "grandfathered in" in some way. Nevertheless it was an oddity in those times. Know anything about the history of the house and occupants?

  2. Hmmm, Jiminy, I don't recall that at all. Perhaps by the late 60s, they were no longer living there? I can ask some folks and see what they remember.

    1. I remember the house mentioned by Jiminy, though I don't remember anything about the occupants. As you mentioned, the owners could have changed by the 60's.