Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Burgess Cleaners

From the LLF Library, Don Jackson Collection.
This photo of Burgess Cleaners has no date and no other identifying information, such as address.  I think I recognize the old service station to the far left as that which occupied the southeast corner at Jackson and Monticello streets for many years.  

That, if accurate, would make this location where Gregg Office Machine Supply would later call home.  If I'm wrong, someone please let me know.

On magnification, the man in the dark jacket -- right foot in the delivery van -- looks a whole lot like Enoch Case to me. I am unclear of the identity of the man leaning on the parking meter.

I am hopeful Enoch's friends and/or cousins will see this posting and let us know if that is Enoch in the days before his signature white VW microbus was the dry cleaning delivery van. 


  1. Looks like a young version of Enoch Case to me! What a Brookhaven icon he was...

  2. This is definitely my Uncle Enoch Welsh Case next to the delivery van. I have a different, but similar picture of him that appears to have been taken in front of the family home. Uncle Enoch was much loved by his sisters, nieces and nephews. Sandra Altazin Pearce (daughter Beatrice Case Altazin)