Wednesday, October 3, 2012

BHS Class of '42

From the John Holly Williams Collection. This is a copy of a picture of the graduating class of 1942 from Brookhaven High School. 
From the Library notes --
"The names are listed below: 
Back Row (from left to right) Dan Lopeser, Dick Mitchell, Milton Schlesinger, Herman Foster, Gene Allen, Warren Nation, David Maddux, Ben Ed Cain, Ralph Young, Tom Ed Magee, Robert Temple, Charles Moak. 
Second Row : Colon Boseman, Fred Cannon, Walter Denman, Bobby Mantz, James Holloway, Harold Leary, Jerry Pitts, Eugene Richardson, Gene Flowers, Fred Estes, Jene Dempsey. 

Third Row : Jeanne Claire Wall, Lavonne Price, Elaine Schroed, Marjorie McNeil, Grace Castilaw, Pearl Case, Bessie Gorenflo, Bernice Peavey, Thanette Brown, Eloyce Myers, Libby Hill Estes, Virgie Smith. 

Fourth Row : Mary Elizabeth Aldridge, Dorothy Stephens, Lavonne Smith, Ruth Hoffman, Martha Swinney, Muriel Buck, Mary Swinney, Betsy Bee, Gladys Ramsay, Lucille Boyd.

Front Row : Mary Jeanne Wooley, Betty Lewis, Dorothy May, Lillian Rae Tarver, Imogene Martin, Virginia Martin, Evelyn Reed, Ruby Golman, Audrey Smith."
Brookhavenites may not recognize any of the faces, the picture quality is wanting, but they may well recognize many of the above surnames.  

I post this in honor of the upcoming Homecoming event this month.  I hope there are at least a few from this class in attendance -- they would be roughly 86 or 87 years old. 

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