Saturday, October 20, 2012

Not Exactly a Deuce Coupe -- But Still a Classic

From the John Holly Williams Collection at the local library.  Date, location, names unknown.

A group of men, some in suits and ties, and others in shirt sleeves and slacks -- fedoras optional -- gather around a mud-splattered 1935 five-window Ford Coupe.  (We know the model year because 1935 was the last year Ford provided wire wheels.)

We do not know the occasion, nor do we know the exact location, although it does look a lot like the old 777 Sinclair Service Station/Brookhaven Auto Sales building that was featured in a posting here a while back.  

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Henry Ford advertised the 1935 Fords as "Greater Beauty, Greater Comfort and Greater Safety."  Rumble seats were optional in this model, which typically offered three-speed on the floor, a flathead V8 and 85 horse power. 

Fans of hot rods and stock car racing know that Ford first offered in 1932, at affordable Ford prices, 8 cylinders and the first V engine, which is storied in the Beach Boys' song, "Little Deuce Coupe" -- deuce referring to the two in the model year. 
If this particular car were available for sale today, depending on condition and customizations, it could be worth anywhere from $15,000 to $70,000, and up.  It would have been one of 820,253 total car production for Ford that model year. Some 33,065 five-window deluxe two-passenger coupes were produced that year.  The original sticker price was $560 and it weighed 2,643 pounds.  

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