Monday, January 14, 2013

An Immigrant Photographer/Jeweler/Gardener

Portrait photograph of two female children seated in window in front of backdrop; they wear dresses, fur stoles, one with fur muff; both wear very large hats.  Elisaeus von Seutter - Jackson, Mississippi, Hinds County, 18-- 
Portrait photograph of unidentified child. Armine von Seutter - Jackson, Mississippi, Hinds County, 18--
Both photographs are from the MDAH digital archives. 
"The E. von Seutter Photograph Collection consists of  35 original stereocards and 48 photographic prints collected by the Elisaeus von Seutter family of Jackson, Mississippi. The majority were taken by photographers Elisaeus and son Armine. ... The stereocards feature images of downtown Jackson in the aftermath of the Civil War. The portrait photographs include samples from the von Seutters' studio, as well as images of the von Seutter family, home, and garden." -- From the MDAH website.

I selected these two photos from the collection because they have that inherent quality that draws you in and causes you to marvel and ponder. 

Also intriguing in the collection are the photographs of the von Seutter's home, Ivy Cottage.  I started to research the home and the unusual, exotic plants featured in the photographs when I stumbled upon this excellent blog account of the von Seutter family and its history. 

Why reinvent the wheel?  Above in turquoise is the link that provides ample photographs and plenty of information about the family and their home in Jackson, including the fate of Ivy Cottage.  It is a very interesting read from a self-appointed "Curator of Shit" who decries, "Just because you live in a trailer doesn't mean you need a couch on the porch!"

If you don't care to click on an unknown blog,  here is the MDAH account.


  1. Lovely pictures of children. The little boy is so adorable in his outfit with lace.

  2. I have a photo by Armine (A.V.) Von Seutter of a saw mill that I am trying to identify as to where it was taken. If anyone can help with this identification, please contact me.
    Martha Boone