Friday, January 11, 2013

I'm So Glad Good Whiskey's Back

Bluesman Jim Brewer, born October 3, 1920, in Brookhaven, MS; died July 2, 1988, Chicago, IL. Photo credit: Armen Katchaturian, on the main stage at the '84 Old Songs Festival; source: Sing Out! 31/2 (1985), p. 26;   (I confess: I nabbed it from the internet.)

Yesterday's post may have been a "stretch," seeking a possible link to an old photo in the local Piney Woods library to an iconic blues singer from the Mississippi Delta.  

Today, we are working with the real deal from Lincoln County.  This is to highlight the life and music of Brookhaven's own "Blind Jim Brewer."

In writing this, I use the nickname "Blind Jim" with some hesitancy. Perhaps Jim Brewer's most well-known quote is "My mother didn't name me 'Blind,' she named me 'Jim.'"

To learn more, a piece about Jim Brewer is contained in this link, by his friend and supporter Andy Cohen. I urge you to take the time to read this to get a glimpse into the man's life as a Maxwell Street singer and journeyman musician.

To listen to "I'm So Glad Good Whiskey's Back," please click on this YouTube link.

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